Monday, 9 June 2014

Why it’s Time to Get Responsive

A responsive web design is a breakthrough technology through which the HTML layout of a web page fits to the width and height of any presentation device. Responsive web design has become the buzz word in the web arena these days. Wordpress website is flaunting this advanced designing technique, adding to the number of websites that have gone responsive to pursue customers.

Responsive websites don’t need a special hosting or a server to operate because of its browser that renders responsiveness. With the use of responsive designing techniques on the website, the return on investment (ROI) is bound to increase. This is because the visibility of the site increases as it is equally accessible on all screen sizes varying from a desktop to a smart phone. It is not necessary to develop separate portals for separate interfaces.

Wordpress is a designer friendly platform that allows even an amateur designer, who knows nothing than an elementary PHP, to design themes on it. By associating with proficient WordPress theme expert a creative input can be turned into innovative deliverables.

Once the site has been developed, one can easily customize the functionality and the visual effects of the site with the help of different plug-ins. With the aid of the expert’s skills, one can add icons and graphics to the site, further enhancing its look. Many of the top companies are hiring wordpress as a content management system for their websites.

Most people think WordPress is mainly applied for designing a blogging site only. It is a powerful CMS and surprisingly, this tool powers some of the biggest websites. Wordpress has a varied range of themes and it is advisable to use the best theme matching one’s business requirements. There are various WordPress plug-ins and templates that are very useful to effectively publish blogs, sites and applications.

Responsive design websites are a cutting-edge way experience to offer a neat user experience to the site visitors, however when you consider a responsive design be sure to understand the difference between a template design, a fluid design and a snap-to-grid design. Each type is known as a responsive design, but they each yield different outcomes in terms of fitting to any screen size.  Responsive design is considered as Google’s most favored method of optimizing sites and blogs to be viewed on the mobile platform.

Responsive website design has developed in importance with the ascent of the smart phones and tablets as their screens are completely different than that of those traditional laptops and desktops.

This article provides guidelines for people looking to find a responsive website design.

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