Monday, 10 October 2016

How to Resolve Recurring WordPress Problems?

Technology based products do come with their own pros and cons; the popular content management system WordPress is no exception. You would surely come across certain issues while using this CMS but the good news is that they can be resolved either with the aid of WordPress plugin or via professional help from WordPress developer. We discuss a few such issues and their solutions below:

Loss of valuable information

As you manage your WordPress website, there could be many instances wherein any of your actions could make you end up in a disaster! Yes, your valuable files like site content, user information which means tons of work may get deleted accidentally and the worst is that they can be irretrievable. To your relief, you can avoid getting into such tight corner as there are many service providers who offer WordPress backup solutions and the Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin is one such quality backup plan.

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Getting locked out

You might get locked out of WordPress because of many reasons such as plugin compatibility issues, hacking of your site, forgotten username or password and may be due to entirely unknown reason. WordPress itself has done a superb job by creating a comprehensive guide on Login Trouble to sort out this issue.

Potential security threat

Although WordPress is a very secure platform to run your website from but that doesn’t mean that it is not vulnerable to hackers. Sucuri recently reported that among all the hacked websites they reviewed, 75% were powered by WordPress. That doesn’t mean you have to be disappointed! You can have a comprehensive security system developed for your WordPress site at a cost-effective price from any Outsourcing WordPress Developer from India.

The white screen of death

It can be a major issue for your brand or business if your audience comes across the white screen of death before you notice it. It can be caused by anything like low memory unit, theme or plugin code quality, plugin compatibility issues or theme or plugin conflicts. To figure out the exact cause of your white screen of death and resolve the issue, it is better to consult with any WordPress developer.

Themes with faulty codes

At times you may have trouble with free WordPress themes if they happen to be poorly coded. Therefore, be cautious in choosing your themes be it free or premium. Always do some research and try to take themes from reputed source to avoid any trouble.

Poorly coded plugins

If you get your hands on plugins with coding faults then it can have worse effects like slowing down of site speed, increase vulnerability to hackers or cause conflicts with other plugins. It happens when the neither the developer of the plugin nor you were conversant with WordPress Coding Standards. Therefore, rely on some WordPress Development Agency to get your website developed so that you escape from facing such issues in the future.

Endless spam alerts

Spam can not only be annoying but it can cause a security breach on your website. If you are bugged up with alerts about spam comments and you are having a tough time sieving the genuine ones from the bulk then use WordPress plugin to fight spam.

Managing lot of updates

WordPress and its themes and plugins, the well maintained ones, often releases updates to fix known bugs, address security issues and mostly to improve functionality. Although, the execution of these updates hardly take few seconds but it could be a distraction keeping you away from core business tasks. Therefore, you can automate the process of update management with a plugin called Easy Updates Manager.

You now know that if you come across any frustration with your WordPress CMS there are many tools – free or premium – or cost-effective professional WordPress solutions available to come to your rescue.

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